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Allow me to introduce myself….my name is Carolynn Sokil and I am YOUR artist!

While I create art which pleases me, my specialty is creating art which suits you!

My artistic journey started as soon as I could hold a pencil. My initial love was charcoal or pen and ink. Colour came later. However, this is now where my passion lies – bringing a burst of colour into a room, complimenting someone’s colour pallet, capturing a loved one on canvas, or just bringing a LoudSmiles wherever I can.

Below are a few of my pieces (commissioned, sold or available). See something you’d like, or have an idea what you are looking for, please drop me a note. I’m open to discussing how I can be of service to you…as your artist!

“Tonga Playtime” – Commissioned 
48″D – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Painted with permission from the photographer, Tonga Playtime is a moment of love and joy captured on an impressive sized round canvas. The owners are shown here with the piece hung where they had envisioned it in their home.

Entering the art show in Ojochal, we were drawn across the room by Baxter – the Humpback Whale painted by the wonderfully gifted Carolynn Sokil. Enormous – four feet round – the painting was magnificent. We coveted Baxter but, at that time, weren’t in a position to buy it. Some months later when we were, Baxter was gone, sold. That misfortunes turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to embark on a collaborative journey with this amazing artist. We shared our love of Humpback Whales and photos of the few pieces of art we owned that featured them. We asked Carolynn to create a new piece for us – “perhaps a mother and daughter whale.” Carolynn found her inspiration in a photo and asked if we wanted to see it. “No,” we answered “we would rather be surprised.” We trusted her because we had seen Baxter. Carolynn rewarded our trust with the unveiling this week of Tonga Playtime – mother and daughter Humpbacks at play. It is stunning and we fell instantly in love with it. We would say that it is a once in a lifetime experience, but it’s not because we have asked this talented artist to create another piece for us. Can’t wait to see what she creates for us next. ”

“Lover’s Light” – SOLD  
24×30″ – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Painted with black, white, silver and pearl, this piece adjusts to the viewer depending on the light! The “Lover’s Light” glows showcasing not only the human form’s ability to be soft but also sculpted.

“Baxter” SOLD 
48″ round – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

From the depths of the ocean, the humpback whale ascends to the surface, only to majestically re-submerge. This piece was created with the intent to portray the humpback’s magnificent presence underwater – as if you were a diver witnessing this up close and personal. Depending on the light, the piece shifts. With low suffused evening light, the piece glows slightly as if you were witnessing the whale in all it’s underwater presence.

Painted with acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas, stretched on a 4.5cm x 1.2m custom made cedar frame. Photo taken at an angle.

“OMBRE” – commissioned for the specific effect and colour match  
1m x 2m – custom frame, gallery wrapped canvas

“Carolynn was AMAZING to work with.  In fact, I enjoyed working with her as much as I am enjoying my artwork!  Not only did she listen, understand, and execute on every single little detail I mentioned and asked for, but she brought insightful perspective and quality suggestions to improve the project –   even saving me from putting a white section on a white wall by suggesting a border. It was a life-saver to the piece. She was never impatient with my indecisiveness, but attentive, helpful, and patient the whole time.  Oh, and then there is the artwork – simply stunning.  We’ve gotten SO many compliments on it already.  I am a lifelong customer now.”

“Splash” – available  
Ornate silver frame, with textured acrylic on canvas (US$250 without frame)

This piece is a textured acrylic abstract with a burst of blues, bright green, white and silver. The effect of the white border is enhanced with the “out of the box” effect.

36″ round – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

This piece was a mix of fluid and realism.  The buyer said it was an amazing addition to their collection of art!  SOLD

“Metallicis Mundus Creatus Est” – commissioned 
40″ x 80″ – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

From start to finish, this experience working with Carolynn on a commissioned work for our latest home was a joy. Carolynn’s talent and creativity, combined with professionalism and business acumen could not have been any better. The piece brings together all of the mixed metals and woods of the home in a brilliant burst of color, form and abstract design. Fabulous, far exceeded original expectations and has become a focal point and conversation piece at all dinner parties.”

36″ x 18″ – acrylic on canvas
I occasionally come across a photo which calls to me. This photo was taken of our rescued jungle-dog coming out of the Tortuga River. Even though blurry, I managed to use other photos to ensure I captured her essence – including the blue glint in her left eye! Upon completion, my teenage son asked for the piece. How could I refuse!

“Pura Vida Quartet” – available
4 pieces, each 10″ x 10″ & 1.25″ deep – acrylic on canvas
Most of us have heard about the “three wise monkeys” (a Japanese pictorial maxim, embodying the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.)

This is my Costa Rican interpretation: See No; Hear No; Speak No; Pura Vida!  

“Serenity’s Dance” – available
4 pieces 7″ x 14″ & 1 piece 7″ round – acrylic on canvas
can be hung together or separately

“Barroom Brawl”  
20″x24″ – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

This piece was created for my show – SOLD during the process of painting it

48″ x 24″ – acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Created for an art show – SOLD in 3 days

12′ x 10′ mural – COMPLETED
SNEAK PEEK – a 36″ ‘x 24″ portion (shown below)
for a video showing snapshots and the final piece – click here

“Magical” & “Spectacular” were the feedback received on this one! Created using exterior latex wall paint and sealed with UV resistant varnish – even 3 years later, this piece is still a joy to the owners/visitors!

Life Size Macaws – each @ 36″ long
Exterior latex wall paint on textured concrete – 9′ off the ground

Ocean Meets Sand – 48″ x 24″

Raptor – each piece is 6″ x 12″ SOLD

Close Ups! each piece is 3″x 9″
All sold 

Jamaican Sunset – 36″ x 24″

The original photo was captured at Sunset in Jamaica.  The couple met at the resort where the husband worked and later went back to get married. Every year they travel back with friends to celebrate their love of Jamaica and to visit his relatives. When they opened their gift, they both exclaimed they recognized the sunset and the spot where the sailboats were pulled ashore.  The husband said he even recognized the tree. Once hung in their 2 storey foyer, a friend visiting immediately recognized the view from her room when she stays at the resort. Captured moment!


– printed on various mediums

A mantra gleaned from The Master Key by Charles Haanel – I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious & Happy. What better way to represent this but in lotus pose.

This came to me during a meditation sit – I could see what needed to be created. People in Canada & the US are now wearing this on their T-Shirts!

My Red Revealed – 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas. Originally imagined as a larger 4 canvas piece to provide that pop of red in a room with mostly black, white and chrome. The customer chose not to purchase the piece but I created it – as it called to be done! Sold to another client.

Boteccelli Angel – 16″ x 20″

This 4-year-old little girl was seldom quiet or still.  The photo used to paint from captured her Botticelli like face and her attentive look. Her mother was in tears when in receipt of the piece. She exclaimed it captured her likeness!

Nothing But Tongue – 16″ x 20″

This guy was just so much fun to create. Supposedly a giraffe’s tongue averages between 18-20″ in length. The recipient has a significant love for giraffes. He was tickled to receive the gift to add to his rather large giraffe collection.

The Ball Went Where? – 8″ x 12″

To commemorate a friend’s daughter’s birthday, this whimsical piece was created. I loved creating the folds and movement of clothing using paint. This was so much fun to do!

Pondering – 16″ x 20″

The photo given to work from was in colour and both the hat and left portion of her hair were not included. The sepia style choice of colour technique allow her features and the textures in her hair and cap to shine through.

Jack’s White Christmas – 20″ x 24″

A wife commissioned this for her husband’s Christmas present. They had lost their beloved Jack in July. She provided the original photo as well as a variety of others which showed the details of his eyes. They hung the piece above the fireplace. Later she explained Jack’s eyes follow her whenever she is in the room.

The Dragon Room – 10′ x 9′ room


Created this full room mural with love for our son’s 7th Christmas present. A young boy who was enthralled with everything “How To Train A Dragon“.  A new bunk bed with the wood wall theme below for hideouts with his friends. A 10′ Toothless dragon’s face positioned where he lay his head (at his request) with the body wrapped around the wall and onto the ceiling. The hero of the movie, Hiccup, stood 5′ tall beside his bed with our son’s facial features in place of the original. Regular acrylic wall paint was used to create the effect for easy removal. 


Value is dependent upon size, style, and detail of artwork requested. 

Looking for something in particular, drop me a line.  If I’m not the person to help you I am part of a network of amazing artists.  Through this network, you may just find that piece you’ve been looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. 
Please feel free to reach out to me at:

Wishing you an abundance of happiness during your art search!

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