About Us

Loud Smile

Definition: a sound one makes when happiness, joy, love is no longer able to be contained within; includes, but is not limited to: chuckles, giggles, laughter, a smile which stretches as widely across your face as possible.

The Sokils are a family of 3 who aspire to inspire others so that they may aspire to inspire others – ultimately creating a flow of smiles around the globe.

Carolynn has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and painting for almost 15 years.  While she has almost 30 years in the relocation corporate environment, and remains connected to still use her depth of experience to assist others with relocating, Carolynn has since expanded her artistic portfolio.  She uses her love of helping others, her out of the box creativity and her innate talent for knowing what someone else is looking for, to bring light and laughter into others homes by painting their visions on canvas.  Please check out Carolynn’s Art Made 2 Suit page for examples of her work and her clients comments.

Walter is a man of great depth and understanding. Having travelled with a band for years and then worked in the gaming industry, he has a calm way of interacting with others.  His philosophy is everyone is the best person you have ever met (unless they prove themselves otherwise).  A wise man who cuts to the crux of the situation with tact.  Walter aspires to help enough people to recognize happiness in the NOW and along the way carve a lovely space in this world for his family to enjoy.

Gregory is a perfect “squish” of his parents – both in looks and in temperament (did someone say “wait till you have kids of your own”). Well, thank you! We are truly blessed.  Our favourite saying, from his lips to our ears: “The best part of today was EVERYTHING!”

CONTACT:  info@loudsmiles.com